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Cycling Trip Along the Keelung and Tamsui Rivers
L.F. Lee
September 7, 2003

Distance 21.75 miles (34.80 km)
Time 2 hours 10 minutes 11 seconds
Average Speed 10.0 miles/hour (16.0 km/hr)
Maximum Speed 19 miles/hour (30.4 km/hr)

(From Lynn Lee's place)

DSC02659 DSC02660 DSC02661 DSC02662 DSC02664
DSC02659.jpg DSC02660.jpg DSC02661.jpg DSC02662.jpg DSC02664.jpg
DSC02665 DSC02666 DSC02667 DSC02668 DSC02669
DSC02665.jpg DSC02666.jpg DSC02667.jpg DSC02668.jpg DSC02669.jpg
DSC02670 DSC02671 DSC02673 DSC02674 DSC02675
DSC02670.jpg DSC02671.jpg DSC02673.jpg DSC02674.jpg DSC02675.jpg
DSC02676 DSC02677 DSC02678 DSC02679 DSC02680
DSC02676.jpg DSC02677.jpg DSC02678.jpg DSC02679.jpg DSC02680.jpg
DSC02681 DSC02682 DSC02683 DSC02684 DSC02685
DSC02681.jpg DSC02682.jpg DSC02683.jpg DSC02684.jpg DSC02685.jpg
DSC02686 DSC02687 DSC02688 DSC02689 DSC02690
DSC02686.jpg DSC02687.jpg DSC02688.jpg DSC02689.jpg DSC02690.jpg
DSC02691 DSC02692 DSC02693
DSC02691.jpg DSC02692.jpg DSC02693.jpg